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We blend strategy, design and execution into an integrated approach that's proven key to our partners’ success.

Opcom is a Swiss software and consulting company. We have set ourselves the goal of providing software services and contributing our expertise and important relationships with our customers' visions, projects and rights.

Why choose us?

We have dedicated project and product managers for each of the markets to bridge the time gap or any language barriers. We pledge our expertise and overall development, such as cloud, web or mobile platforms, but also embedded systems.

Opcom has been around since 2010. Our customers enjoy working with us because we have their business goals and success in our minds with timely and quality delivery.

Our Principles

The way we work reflects a set of principles which we strive to practise in the interests of our clients and partners. This is how we would like them to perceive us:

We Are Professional

Great products come from true professionals, never from beginners.

Experienced Consultants

The day is yours if you start with clear goals and work with intention.

Dream Big

A goal is a dream with a deadline. Goals are a way to connect our dreams with our reality to make sure they come true!

We are creative

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up (T. Edison)

Our Services

We’re with you from concept to completion to iteration, making sure at every step that what we're building will delight users.

AI Needs Assessment

We help you to find the most immediately promising starting points for all types of automation in order not to miss any "low hanging fruits".

From the simplest process optimization to complex deep-learning models, our experts quickly find out which tool is most worthwhile for your application. We consider cost-effectiveness just as thoroughly as the service to your customer.

Through our years of experience and existing tooling, we never start from scratch and can have efficient solutions taught after a short time, bringing them to you and your customers quickly and efficiently.

Data Analysis / Architecture

The gold of the future is data. We help you to structure your existing data optimally and prepare it for further processing or show you how to collect data in the most useful way.

Whether extensive domain data of your industry or the EU-GDPR compliant customer data, for everything we have an efficient solution in preparation and architecture.

We will also help you enrich your data and find even more comprehensive answers to your questions. Especially for the energy industry we already have extensive domain data.

Data Modelling / Deep Learning

For each business, we can develop algorithms after an acquisition phase at your site or have models trained that offer you an individual solution and bring you decisive market advantages.


Opcom advises companies from various sectors on how they can use information technologies most efficiently and how they can exploit them to create innovations in products or services.

Our experts rely on an integrated approach, interdisciplinary know-how and transparent communication. They work with the customers to develop ideas and strategies that can be reliably implemented in practice and deliver economic benefits.

Our consulting offer ranges from advising on innovations, business consulting and supporting transformation projects, through to the optimization of development processes and the design of user interfaces.


As a technology consulting company, digital competence is key for us. A never-ending journey in which new trends can be discovered every single day.

As explorers of new continents constantly seeking out the latest trends and separating the wheat from the chaff. What has a lasting impact on the business of our customers and what is just short-term hype? Therefore we are currently focusing on four technology topics.

  • System Architecture, interface design, databases, advance data modeling, NLP, AI, Machine learning
  • Custom dashboards, CRM and portals
  • Full-stack GoLang, Java, .NET and modern web frameworks
  • Test engineering, performance testing and test automation

Opcom, when executing projects on behalf of its customers, primarily relies on the agile processes defined by Scrum, always developing its projects on a highly transparent collaboration.

The goal to be achieved is feasible, with high quality. If you intend to redefine your business models, streamline your processes or launch new digital solutions on the market. Opcom will support you in your innovation and digitalization projects. In addition to our experts in Switzerland, we have a network of talented professionals.

We support you in every phase of your digital transformation, from strategy development to the successful implementation, improvements and maintenance of your software solution. Our dedicated teams enable you to develop your new digital products and services in a scalable, effective and cost-efficient way so that you can fully exploit the potential of outsourcing.

The rapid availability and flexible growth potential of our teams provide strong arguments. Swiss contracting and contacts as well as direct exchange with the teams in Belgrade/Novi Sad are available as a matter of course. You can rely on our high-quality standards in methods applied and results developed in various tried and tested cooperation models. We rely on proven process models - be it agile, lean or classically iterative.


Opcom has been around since 2010. Our customers enjoy working with us because we have their business goals and success in our minds with timely and quality delivery.


We pledge our expertise and overall development, such as cloud, web or mobile platforms, but also embedded systems.

System architecture and development

A software solution’s quality depends considerably on the underlying architecture. Architecture assessment provides the basis...

for well-founded statements on the quality and stability of the software architecture. In architecture assessment, we review aspects such as expandability, maintainability, scalability, performance, security, and other parameters – on the basis of the solution’s original and future targets.

  • Architecture assessments and reviews
  • Identification of software problems
  • Code analyses
  • Architecture consultancy

Data Science
and analytics

Opcom helps organizations to extract data from systems and clean, combine, organize, and store it where it can be accessed and analysed by...

those who need it. Gain visibility into your operations with intuitive reporting that provides you with exactly the information you need to see. Deep analysis of your data to discover existing trends, patterns, themes, and perspectives that can help you make more-informed decisions.

Data Mining & Modelling: Opcom discovers hidden relationships, generate accurate predictions and forecasts, and model important scenarios that impact business performance. Streamline and automate complex, time-consuming, and data-intensive tasks so that your business operates as efficiently as possible. We leverage the power of your data to build customized systems and applications that improve your business’ products, services, and operations.


Integration, system tests and sanity tests ensure that software products properly make their implemented features available to the user.

A software product should be treated as a black box whose available functional and non-functional properties are to be verified.

Acceptance tests similarly ensure that the right functionality has been implemented, and that running or using the software actually provides its users with added value. Whether a test strategy or a test plan, whether test management or test execution management, or whether manual or automated testing is needed we have dedicated resources or complete project teams at our disposal.


We blend strategy, design and execution into an integrated approach that's proven key to our partners’ success.


Connecting top brands with millions of customers through gifting. The GiftConnect platform initially includes the folowing products...


Explorative and technical evolutions of existing AMI solution and propositions for adaptations, function extensions for CH market...

Medical and healthcare

The goal of this project is to create an application for an IVD medical device. We worked with agile software development using Scrum...

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